WWE News: Lana comments on her edgy segment with Enzo Amore

In an era not known for its edgy content, WWE seems to be pushing the envelope these days. Last week on Raw, we saw a segment in which Lana, the wife of WWE Superstar Rusev, invited one-half of the tag team Enzo & Cass, Enzo Emore to her hotel room.

In a steamy segment, she lured him into a trap where he was attacked by her husband and completely pulverised. Recently, Lana took to Twitter and responded to Sports Entertainment journalist Justin LaBar, who had analysed this segment in detail. This is what she had to say, to him.

‘Interesting point of view. People are complicated, so having complex characters reflect humanity’- @LanaWWE

The article in question had criticised the logic of the segment to have a babyface Enzo commit adultery without a moment’s hesitation. Moreover, when confronted with the heel, Rusev, this babyface decided to run away! Furthermore, the heel in this equation, Rusev, is the bad guy, for defending his wife’s honour.

LaBar considered this segment ‘a bit backwards, and odd’. The entirety of the segment can be seen in the clip linked here:

Many older WWE fans found this segment reminiscent of the Attitude Era; a period marked by sexual content and violent programming, catering to the older male audience. This was a conscious decision taken by WWE, during the Monday Night Wars of the late 90s, to edge ahead in the rating’s war.

Ever since Linda McMahon, co-founder of WWE, decided to run for Senate in the mid-2000s, WWE had to tone down on its content and make it palatable to a younger demographic. This period is known as the ‘PG era’. 

WWE fans have been taken by surprise with this return in edgy content on television. In the weeks leading up to this segment, Enzo Amore found himself locked out of the locker room, confronting a blushing Lana, while he was naked.

Some speculate that this could be a conscious decision by WWE to push the envelope, in an era that is clocking the lowest ratings in WWE history. Sources speculate that this is leading to a match between Big Cass and Rusev in the coming weeks. The match was scheduled to happen this week before the Room 704 incident went down.

source: sportskeeda

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