WWE News: No plans as of yet for Emmalina, now being viewed as a “running joke”

For months, Emma – now known as Emmalina – has been teased to make a return on Raw. Coming back from an injury, Emmalina was slated to undergo a change of character, being more of a sensual figure than her previous two characters. On a weekly basis, promos hyping her return have been aired, but no date has been set. 

Emmalina has been cleared to return to the main roster for some time now. In fact, she has been competing on house shows for a number of weeks, but has yet to be placed in a television angle despite being ready to go. Emmalina has even expressed her impatience on Twitter, letting her fans know that her delay is strictly due to the actions (or lack thereof) of WWE.

Recently, Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer revealed some quite disheartening information for fans of Emmalina, giving a status of her return.

“Just a running joke and there’s no spot ready for her.” 

Unfortunately, since there have been multiple vignettes but still no Emmalina, WWE may have just aborted the repackaging altogether. Particularly, with the emphasis being on Charlotte as the top heel at least from now until WrestleMania, it is doubtful that Emmalina will appear on television anytime soon.

source: sportskeeda

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