WWE News: Rich Swann retains Cruiserweight Championship, Neville arrives in the Cruiserweight division

Rich Swann retained his Cruiserweight Championship in a triple threat match against The Brian Kendrick and T.J Perkins. The main story, however, is what happened after that. The match itself was fast-paced and well executed by all three competitors. 

However, after the match, Neville, who has been on the radar of the Cruiserweight Division fans for quite some time, finally made his presence known.

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He walked up to the Cruiserweight champion Rich Swann, clapping, before attacking him. He then attacked TJ Perkins, ignoring Brian Kendrick who was laid out at ringside. Going after the two babyfaces, Neville turned heel in the process.

This will be his first run as a heel on the main roster.

This will add a much-needed breath of fresh air to the division, which has been lacking the magical touch that it had in the Cruiserweight Classic back in July and August.

It came as a shock to many fans that Neville was not included in the Cruiserweight division when it was introduced on Raw because he is a high flying fast paced wrestler, and the Cruiserweight division would be where he would certainly excel the most. 

It took WWE 3 months but they are finally incorporating The Man That Gravity Forgot into the division he belongs.

source: sportskeeda

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