WWE Rumors: Disguised Luchadora on SmackDown Live is Mickie James

In today’s episode of SmackDown Live, Alexa Bliss successfully retained her Championship against Becky Lynch in a singles match. During the closing moments of the match, Becky was attacked by a Luchadora standing outside the ring, while the referee was helping Alexa set her arm straight.

This interference helped Alexa capitalise and gain an easy victory over Lynch. It was rumoured on Twitter that the Luchadora was none but the former Women’s Champion Mickie James.

A couple of days back, there was a tweet from Slice Wrestling about Mickie James. In the tweet, it was revealed that as per a report, Mickie James had completed the WWE Medical Screening Process and she will be appearing on SmackDown Live from the early part of 2017. Have a look at the tweet here:

In the comments section, people have been speculating that Mickie was disguised as the Luchadora and attacked Becky indicating the possibility of a feud between this duo upon Mickie’s return. Have a look at the closing moments of the SD Live Women’s Championship match today:

Last week on SmackDown, Alexa Bliss competed against a Luchadora and lost the match to the latter. After the match, it was revealed that the Luchadora was none other than the former SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

After the match today, Alexa opined that the Luchadora could be Sasha Banks or Nia Jax. However, the Twitterati had different views. Have a look at the match between Bliss and Lynch last week-

The returning Mickie is expected to add more aura to the SD Live Women’s roster that is already star-studded and you can expect James to get a title shot sooner than later. Let us see how things work out for her in the second innings. 

source: sportskeeda