WWE Rumors: Kurt Angle returning to WWE in April

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Kurt Angle may be returning to WWE in April.  According to WON, Angle has told indie promoters that he will only be wrestling two more matches – one against Alberto Del Rio, and one against Cody Rhodes, after which he will be joining his former company in April.

This leads to the possibility of him appearing on the Raw after Wrestlemania, the show which is always used to generate major buzz after Wrestlemania. This is what the WON report states:

“Angle was always a Vince McMahon call, as ever since he left TNA early this past year, he’s made it clear he wants to go back and things, like being the new character in the video game and going into the Hall of Fame, make sense as there is a very short list for the former and a fairly short list of guys who can be in the top two or three spots for the latter and he checks both off”

The report noted that there have been all sorts of rumours of Angle returning to WWE ever since he left TNA, and even more so with WWE bringing back legends, who the fans “never” thought would be back, such as The Ultimate Warrior and Goldberg. The report also noted that in terms of his wrestling schedule, he would have a deal similar to that of Brock Lesnar and Goldberg.

Angle was interested in returning to WWE some years back when his TNA contract was expiring and sought a part-time contract, similar to that of the Beast Incarnate. However, WWE refused to sign him unless they were getting him on board on a full-time basis, which did not make sense for Angle since he was not physically capable of handling the hectic full-time schedule.

However, with the way things have gone in WWE in the past year or so, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Angle return on a part-time contract. As mentioned above, he cannot handle the full-time schedule as his body has sustained too much wear-and-tear over the course of his 18-year career. 

He joined TNA in 2006 under circumstances which are not fully clear till date. However, when connecting all the dots, he was going through a tremendous drug problem, which he himself has admitted. WWE released him under the guise of bringing him back once he was better. However, he ended up joining TNA instead, which left Angle and WWE on bad terms.

Angle has been part of TNA longer than WWE, which is still quite surprising to many. 

source: sportskeeda

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