WWE Rumors: Paige fails yet another wellness policy test

As we know, Paige’s 60-day suspension for her second wellness policy violation is set to end tomorrow. She is expected to re-join WWE in a non-wrestling role next week onwards.

Also, Paige posted a pretty cryptic message yesterday on her Twitter handle that read:

“When you do nothing wrong but things still bite you in ass for no reason.

Always fun haha.”

The tweet got a lot of people up and talking; a lot of whom are now suspecting that she may have failed the wellness policy yet again for the third time. If she has failed it for the third time in a row, the company could fire her for her recurring violations.

Earlier in the year, it was rumoured that Paige might have been attempting to get herself fired from WWE so as to be with her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio, while he toured the indie scene. However, these rumours were later shot down by none other than her boyfriend Del Rio himself.

He said that Paige was well on her road to recovery from her surgery, and is doing all that is necessary to get back in shape for the company. He added that she was looking forward to getting back to the ring for all her fans out there and did not plan on leaving the ring anytime soon in an interview that he had with TMZ.

However, it is worthy to note that the WWE star deleted the tweet shortly after posting it, and nothing has ever since appeared on her account that would give any clarifications on the entire speculation. 

All that one can do now is to wait for the updates on her page about her status with the company, that would remove all traces of ambiguity regarding the entire issue.

source: sportskeeda

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