WWE Rumors: Samoa Joe may be moved to Smackdown Live for a WrestleMania 33 feud

Brian Alvarez at the Wrestling Observer reported that due to the injury to Seth Rollins last Monday on Raw, Samoa Joe could be moved to Smackdown to feud with John Cena. Alvarez noted that one of the original plans for John Cena at WrestleMania 33 included a feud with Samoa Joe, but the idea was shelved. The injury to Rollins now has ignited the possibility again.

Seth Rollins travelled the Birmingham, Alabama to have his knee looked at. Thankfully it appears he has dodged a repeat of his November 2015 injury, and that just his MCL could possibly have been torn, and his recovery time is about eight weeks. That puts his appearance at WrestleMania in jeopardy at the moment.

We are two months out from WrestleMania, so a major change in the plans is definitely possible.  Samoa Joe wasn’t drafted to Monday Night Raw, he was just a hired gun for Triple H. Now that his Joe’s job is done, Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon could swoop in and officially sign Samoa Joe over to Smackdown Live.

There is a very good chance we won’t see Seth Rollins on Monday Night Raw for a while, so we will probably see next Monday whether or not someone else steps in to fight Seth’s battle or if indeed it is true that Samoa Joe is going to move on to Smackdown Live right away.

source: sportskeeda

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