Spanning from 1896 to 2012, these athletes illustrate how keeping your body at it’s healthiest is the key to success. Athletic Edge Sports Medicine Toronto pulled together data that showcases the oldest and youngest athletes competing in the summer Olympic games.

This interactive web page allows you to view the country, age and sport of each gold medalist while also being able to view their eldest counterparts. Some of the sports with the oldest competitors include: golf, with the overall oldest gold medalist George Seymour Lyon at age 46, tennis doubles, fencing and archery. The sports with the youngest competitors include diving, with the overall youngest gold medalist Marjorie Gestring at age 13, gymnastics, swimming and the Olympic 100M.

Each sport showcases different results. While some sports have smaller age gaps, others are quite wide. For example, Lyon’s youngest counterpart, Warren Kenneth Wood, won gold at age 17 in golf, both in 1904. The sport with the smallest age gap, taekwondo heavyweight, only sees 3 year difference in age between the two competitors.

Overall, you’ll be able to easily use this web page to learn more about some of the oldest and youngest competitors, and possibly find some fitness inspiration. For more information on some of the world’s top athletes and their ages, spend some time interacting with the below infographic.

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