Alexis Sanchez wants to be Arsenal legend (so cough up Gunners)

I do not want to9 hear any talk about the Arsenal and Chile international striker Alexis Sanchez being greedy for wanting a hefty pay rise in order to convince him to sign a new contract, or Mesut Ozil for that matter. Arsenal may not be known for splashing the cash but id that is what it takes to keep our two best players then so be it.

I can perfectly understand the position of Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board in trying to save the club some money but not if it means either Ozil, Sanchez or both moving to a club that will pay them big bucks and I am sure there are plenty that would.

The fact is that we are lucky to have these two great players and their wages, despite being the two best paid players in the squad, are nowhere near what the top p[layers at Chelsea, Man City and Man United are pulling in. The latest rumours going around are that Chelsea are ready to swoop for Sanchez and while some fans may be getting themselves worked up by this, I cannot see why.

Of course a club like Chelsea would want him but the only reason they would get him is if the Gunners fail to reward his brilliance with the sort of money he could get at a number of different clubs. Alexis showed just that point this week, Metro has reported, with an instagram post showing him saluting a photo of the Arsenal invincibles and you do not have to be a genius to get the message.

The Chilean wants to become an Arsenal legend along with the likes of Henry, Pires, Bergkamp and all. But do we really expect him to do it while getting paid a lot less than our rivals would be glad to? Come on Arsenal, just cough up the cash and let’s get on with it eh?

source: justarsenal

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